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You want to exceed in your e‑learning projects?

The Digital Learning Academy is aimed at training managers, various roles in the elearning team, trainers or technical experts as well as product and marketing managers who want to build or improve their digital learning skills.

With our hands-on expert knowledge, we will quickly get you up to speed on all aspects of instructional design and the production of digital learning content- from the initial project setup, to didactic- and graphic design and production or quality management.

Currently the Digital Learning Academy is free of charge. In addition, there are feebased programs guided by LearnChamp experts.

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Sie möchten Ihre E‑Learning‑Projekte besser meistern?

Ihnen fehlt das nötige Expertenwissen, um Lerninhalte für die Online‑Nutzung aufzubereiten? Sie sind neu im E‑Learning Team und wollen rasch relevantes Know‑how aufbauen?

Keine Sorge – wir sind Ihre Spezialisten im Bereich Digital Learning und machen Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter mit unserer Digital Learning Academy schnell fit in unterschiedlichsten Themen rund ums E‑Learning. Seien Sie einer der ersten, die einen Blick in unsere Digital Learning Academy werfen dürfen und testen Sie unsere Beta Version. Erste spannende Inhalte warten schon auf Sie!

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Design a great e‑learning course in our 3‑week expert guided program.

What awaits you in our Digital Learning Academy

Interactive courses

Interactive courses on topics such as defining learning goals, understanding user experience, digitizing classroom training and much more.

Curated content

Curated articles and downloadable resources for further input.


Get in touch with peers as well as with LearnChamp experts in our community and in topicspecific forums.

Live sessions

Interesting live sessions on digital learning topics.

Expert guided programs

Design an elearning course in a few weeks or learn how to produce videos for your elearning? Book the Digital Learning Academy program that suits you best, guided by our experts!

Online coaching

Would you like to discuss your digital learning topics with our experts in a one-on-one meeting? Book your online coaching at the Digital Learning Academy!

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