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Ask about the components of your Amazing Learning Experience!

From the innovative content creation to the technical implementation of the learning infrastructure and the ongoing services, we support you throughout. We are helped by a large pool of numerous tools and partnerships, from which we pick out together with you just those building blocks that make your digital learning measure an Amazing Learning Experience. Discover all the possibilities now:

Your challenges - our daily business

Employee training and further education

Satisfied and motivated employees bring the best results. Imagine: Employees in your company are unfolding their full potential. With the right L&D strategy you can achieve just that. LearnChamp helps you with the right content and technologies.

Effective change management

Changes are never easy. It is therefore essential to guide people through a change process in a targeted manner. We therefore conceive our solutions tailored to the requirements of your learners.

Risk mitigation

We create pleasant and integrative obligatory compliance trainings with you. Each employee thus makes a contribution to risk mitigation.

Successful sales & product management

Give your sales staff the best chance of success and train them extensively in new products and processes - with targeted e‑learning initiatives.

We trust in these partners and their technologies


Articulate is a global market leader for so-called Rapid‑E‑Learning solutions and significantly facilitates quick course creation - for example using tools such as Storyline 360 or Articulate Rise.


At LearnChamp we use a wide range of Adobe products. Our graphics processes are supported by Adobe XD, Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. For the production of videos, we use Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. But of course we are also competent in the handling of Adobe's author tool - Adobe Captivate.

Adapt Learning

Adapt is the leading Open Source solution for true responsive digital learning content in HTML5 and enables the creation of learning content that works on all end devices from smartphone to desktop PC.

Evolve Authoring

Evolve is an intuitive author tool for the quick creation of effective digital learning content. Comprehensive functions give us and you full control over every aspect of the course creation and  presentation.


Storyshell is an AI-based localization tool that adapts media content such as audio and video for international markets. It enables the creation of high-quality content in different languages, reduces effort and costs and supports the training of employees worldwide.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone with its cloud-based applications is one of the worldwide market leaders in talent management. LearnChamp’s subsidiary Realize‑HR is the first implementation advisor for Germany, Switzerland and Austria fully specialised in Cornerstone.

Totara Talent Experience Platform

Today, it is more important than ever to implement resilient talent management processes. With the Talent Experience Platform, consisting of Totara Learn, Perform and Engage, you can unleash the full potential of your employees and ensure that they can continue to develop, share their knowledge and perform.

We work with these technologies and methods

Learning Management System (LMS)

LearnChamp supports companies in the conception, technical (further ) development and implementation of Totara Learn. Due to the freely accessible source code, the interface of Totara Learn can be adapted completely to any Corporate Identity (CI). We place a focus on user acceptance by means of a well-designed user experience.

Learning Record Store (LRS)

An LRS offers you the possibility to collect a wide range of data about your learners. For example: How long are your product videos watched for? At what point do learners quit a course? How are MOOCS accepted?

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP)

A well-designed and appealing user experience should also apply to company training  and further education. LXPs, such as Totara Engage, are learning platforms that are targeted exclusively towards this purpose.

Learning Games/Simulationen

So-called gamification elements have become integral to training and further education. Through attractive learning games featured on every quiz app, as well as simulations in which difficult processes can be practiced in a safe environment, employees will have fun learning.

Micro Learning Platforms

With microlearning platforms such as Zapiens or Ovos Play, knowledge is continuously provided in small morsels to provide learners with all the necessary information on an ongoing basis.

AI-driven Bots

A technology that learns alongside your employees? An AI‑based chatbot does precisely that. After it has acquired knowledge, learners can pepper it with questions.

Mobile Learning

learning: anytime and anywhere. LearnChamp realises this wish with responsive Learning Management Systems and learning content that adapts automatically to any screen size.


Whether (interactive) videos for your e-learning, marketing or employer branding - we offer you the complete video production from a single source. Our experts take care of planning and scripting, shooting and audio recording as well as editing and processing. Partial production, where you supply us with raw material or existing videos, is also possible as well.


Through well-designed animations, we bring your learning content to life - regardless of whether it is technical details, instructions or procedures. For even quicker learning success.

Template Services

We create didactic and visually high-quality templates for your content authors and train them. This ensures high quality also for in-house productions whilst also saving time.

AR, VR & 360° videos

For personnel development, AR and VR etc. can be more than just a game. As performance support, i.e. as support directly in the workflow, the productivity of your learners is raised quickly.

Artificial Intelligence

KI-based learning is a lasting trend in the field of Learning & Development. Together we work out the necessary process for integrating artificial intelligence into your digital learning portfolio.

Content Curation

The Internet offers a flood of information that could be relevant for your company. Filtering and curating these contents is enormously important. With the right tools, we help you to find suitable content for your company and to spread this information easily and quickly among your learners.

Digital Learning Academy

Educate yourself and network with other e-learning specialists in our learning platform and community on learning and development topics. A master class on e-learning production, authoring tool training, coaching with experts and numerous online resources support you and your team in successfully mastering e-learning projects.

Media Activity Plugin

With this plugin - developed by LearnChamp - you can embed videos, images and PDFs directly in Totara courses and set completion criteria as needed, without SCORM. The plugin tracks which sections have already been viewed by learners and whether the learning progress is sufficient for the set completion criteria. For videos, you can use YouTube, Vimeo or videos you have uploaded yourself.

Your advantages with our solutions

Around 14% higher productivity

With an Amazing Learning Experience you support your employees in unfolding their full potential.

Risk reduction

Together with you, we make obligatory compliance training pleasant and integrative. Each employee thus makes a contribution to risk mitigation.

Effective change management

Changes are never easy. It is therefore essential to guide people through a change process in a targeted manner. Hence we conceive our solutions customised to the requirements of your learners.

Succesful sales & product management

Give your sales employees the best change of success and train them comprehensively in new products and processes - with targeted e‑learning initiatives.